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‘Steven Universe’ News: Kids Introduced To LGBT, Plus Seasons 4, 5 Confirmed

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Steven Universe has definitely tackled the LGBT community all throughout the series. From one episode to another, showrunner Rebecca Sugar is not denying that the girl characters indeed have feelings for each other, and according to her, it is going to be a good thing to introduce the queer sexuality to children at an early age.

Sugar recently spoke at the School of Visual Art?s Society of Illustrators where she had the chance to speak her mind and told her listeners that LGBT representation is not a political battle or about taking a stand, instead, it is something very critical to children?s development.

?You can?t wait until kids have grown up to let them know that queer people exist. There?s this idea that that something that should only be discussed with adults – that is completely wrong. If you wait to tell queer youth that it matters how they feel of that they are even a person, then it?s going to be too late,? said Sugar in her statement as quoted by Movie Pilot.

Furthermore, in a recent post, Sugar also talked about how Steven Universe should connect with its viewers, especially the children, that will deal with real emotions. ?We had always planned on having the world kind of open up in front of Steven because the entire show was supposed to be metaphorical to moving from childhood into adulthood and suddenly understanding what?s going on around you,? the showrunner said. ?Just how much do you say to a child? It was interesting to write it and make that part of the show but also be how we felt about our audience,? she added.

Also, Sugar shared that although Disney movies and other fairy tales are great in telling love stories to children, they somehow fail to make the children think those characters are the ones they want to be, especially to those young people that are included in the LGBT community. According to her, it is something very crucial to present a character that everyone can relate to. ?I loved Disney movies when I was little, but I didn?t really feel like they were me, ever,? said Sugar.

?Steven Universe? Season 4 and 5 confirmed

Meanwhile, with all the hype Steven Universe has created, it is recently renewed by Cartoon Network for two more seasons. However, there are rumors stating that the fifth installment of the series is going to be its last. But on a good note, Sugar vows to make season 5 ?big? whether it would be the last or not. ?I have big plans for that season. End game or not, I?m shooting for the moon, I?m going to write us into serious corner,? the showrunner told Newsarama.

Do you think Steven Universe has really done its part in introducing the LGBT community to the children? What things are you expecting to the fourth and fifth season of the series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The cartoon series airs every Thursday on Cartoon Network at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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