Steven Universe Episode 90 Spoilers: Where to Watch Online

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Steven Universe Episode 90 Spoilers
Steven Universe Episode 90 Spoilers

Steven Universe Episode 90 is titled ?Restaurant Wars.? The summary for this episode is ?Steven settles a rivalry between owners.? With less than 14 hours on the clock until the show airs on the Cartoon Network, fans are wondering what the new episode will bring.


In the promo video for Episode 90, Steven Universe goes to Beach Citywalk Fries to order some food that was off-menu even though they only sold fries. The kid, Peedee, says that he will see what he can find. When he comes back, he shows Steven a bunch of mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. Apparently, it was stuffed in the back of the freezer where it cannot be seen. Peedee says it was nice to fry something other than fries.

Steven leaves eating the mozzarella sticks. He passes by the Fish Stew Pizza restaurant. The owner, Kofi, comes out and asks Steven where he was able to get his food because it uses the basic elements of a pizza. He points towards the Beach Citywalk Fries stall. Kofi goes back into his store and puts on a sign that says it is now serving fries. Mr. Fryman, the owner of the fries stall, comes out. Basically, a rivalry ensues. Find out what will happen as it airs on Cartoon Network.

In a video in Steven-universe.xyz, it shows Steven entering a door and saying, ?Hey guys! You won?t believe this.? He gets attacked by a big worm-like bug with an eye in its mouth. Amethyst uses her whip to get hold of the bug while Steven struggles. Amethyst nonchalantly says, ?Sup Steven?? She proceeds to pull the creature away. Pearl, on the other hand, dances and prances as she hits the creatures with her staff. Ruby uses her strength and agility to kill them.

Apparently, there are a lot of things that Steven needs to learn as a Gem. On July 19, TheBitBag team reported on the released promo for Steven?s mother. In the new promo, the line ?There has never been anyone or anything like Steven. We don?t know what he is,? was shown to be said by Ruby. It seems that a great battle will be arriving on November 4, 2016. In a previous article, it was reported that Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, says that Steven Universe Season 3 will be more about Steven growing up. This means that he may learn about the painful truths and imminent danger coming up.

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