Steve Nash: Little Guy in a Big Man’s Game

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Steve Nash during his MVP years
Steve Nash during his MVP years

Steve Nash during his MVP years

At 6?3?, Steve Nash was picked in the 15th overall in the 1996 NBA draft. At the time he was drafted, there was nothing spectacular from the guard who graduated from Santa Clara University. He was white, doesn?t jump that high and was not too athletic.

Nash’s NBA Records

Now, after 19 years in the NBA, his resume speaks volumes of the work that he has done. He has won NBA League Most Valuable Player honors twice in a row. He also is the third highest assists recorded in NBA history. While the last two years of his storied career was mired in injuries, Steve Nash is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible.

Nash’s NBA Retirement

In his announcement, Nash said, ?The greatest gift has been given to be completely immersed in my passion and striving for something I loved so much ? visualizing a ladder, climbing up to my heroes. The obsession became my best friend. I talked to her, cherished her, fought with her and got knocked on my ass by her.?

He added, ?And that is what I?m most thankful for in my career. In my entire life, in some ways.? Obviously? value my kids and my family more than the game, but in some ways having this friend ? this ever present pursuit ? has made me who I am, taught me, tested me and given me a mission that feels irreplaceable. I am so thankful. I?ve learned so many invaluable lessons about myself and about life. And of course, I still have much to learn. Another incredible gift.?

Nash’s Friend Comments

One of Nash? dearest friends, Dallas Maverick forward Dirk Nowitzki?s sentiments on the retirement of his former teammate were tweeted by reporter Amin Elhassan, who said, ?Dirk on Nash: He overcame a lot in his career, being injured and being slow and white and unathletic.?

The two were together for six seasons in Dallas, where the older Nash took the then rookie Nowitzki under his wing. In a previous interview, the German born shooting forward said he knew that Nash was retiring months ago, to which he said, ?I think it was a relief for him, I think he was happy it was over with. I told him in October that I was proud of him. That he had an amazing career.?

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