Steve Kerr Backs NFL Kapernick’s Peaceful Protest; NBA Expected To Have Its Anthem Issue Soon

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Warriors at Wizards 02/24/15

Steve Kerr was recently been interviewed by reporters recently and had expressed his support for peaceful protests. He said this in reference to Colin Kaepernick?s protest while the national anthem was playing before an NFL kickoff.

He said that one of the best things to have come out of the Kaepernick issue is that it got people talking. This, Steve Kerr, believes is a good thing. He further commented that whichever side a person is on the Kaepernick issue, he hopes that every American should be disgusted of what is going on in the country. He then mentioned the Terence Crutcher shooting in Tulsa days ago.

Steve Kerr: Taking it objectively

Kerr sees two stances in the issue?those who got offended by Kaepernick?s gesture and those for non-violent protest. He understands that people who have a military family or lost someone because of war harbors more meaning for the American flag and anthem. He also sees the side of those who want to speak out in protest but in a non-violent means. Steve Kerr said ?That?s America. This is what our country is about. It?s non-violent protest. That?s what it should be about.?

Possible non-violent protest in NBA games

It has not been rare to have stars in different aspects of human endeavor speak out with their views. In the past, Albert Einstein used his celebrity for protesting weapons of mass destruction. He did this with fellow intellectual, philosopher Bertrand Russell, creating the Russell-Einstein Manifesto. Musicians like The Beatles and athletes like Muhammad Ali have did their fair share of standing up for what they believe in.

Steve Kerr believes in the rights of his players to use their celebrity to get people talking about certain issues. He revealed that he has spoken to several members of the Warriors about this movement. He said that he will address the issue before the regular season and that he will support his players. Kerr expressed via SFGate that ?In my mind, as long as the message is clear, I?m all for people speaking out against injustice, whatever form that takes.?

Will this send a new wave of NBA protests? Do you agree with Steve Kerr?

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