Steve Jobs Movie Has ?Zero? Viewers Despite Rave Reviews: Here?s Why It Flopped

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Michael Fassbender?s portrayal as Steve Jobs may have been his worst decision yet as the movie takes a bad beating at the box office. ?Steve Jobs,? the new movie about the life and works of the late Apple CEO, has been allegedly pulled out from more than 2,000 cinemas because of its very low number of audiences, according to Cult of Mac.

Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, ?Steve Jobs? may have had a turn for the worst as people just didn?t want to see the movie. And although it was received with positive reviews among a number of critics, audiences didn?t get the idea of the movie, making it a box office bomb.

After releasing just five week in theaters (two weeks for audiences nationwide), the movie was dropped by a number of movie theaters. The film collected surprisingly less than $800,000 from 421 theaters (less than $2,000 per theater) during the previous weekend, according to MarketWatch.

?It?s a shame the movie flopped like this,? Box Office analyst Phil Contrino said, according to MarketWatch. ?People must just be tired of his story, because they just didn?t show up for it. And now it?s well on its way out.?

Contrino had high expectations for the film after it received good reviews during the New York City and Los Angeles release. He projected a $21 million revenue for Universal Pictures instead it only raked in $7.2 million.

?Commercial success is a validation. It keeps the film in the conversation, so this not doing well definitely hurts,? Contrino explained. ?I would still be surprised if Michael Fassbender isn?t nominated for Best Actor, but he?s not the leading contender anymore. If an Oscar contender like this doesn?t take off during this time, you can relate it to a big action blockbuster not taking off during the summer, it just gets swallowed up because there?s so much more out there.?

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