SteamVR Is Coming To Mac OS, Says Valve Developer

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SteamVR will soon support macOS and Linux

Valve is working on a SteamVR support for Linux and will soon bring it to macOS. The company demonstrated SteamVR integration with Linux using the Vulkan graphics API.

Recently, Valve developer Joe Ludwig confirmed that the company will soon publicly release the virtual reality experience for macOS. At?least beta version will be released in the next few months.

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In his Philosophy of VR, Ludwig said that Valve believes that virtual reality should not have any restriction. It should be independent of hardware and software. He also talked about the importance of openVR and how it could be self innovative.

?Open platforms are designed in such a way that components can come from multiple companies that implement things in different ways. They employ open standards and sometimes open source to enable these components to work together effectively,? Ludwig said.

Moreover, he also talked about a new pressure sensitive controller along with a?handful of other hardware. Valve?s new controller can observe the pressure applied by a hand to pick and drop object in virtual reality.

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Meanwhile, the biggest virtual reality platform other than smartphones is Microsoft?s Windows. All major VR platforms including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift supports Windows platform. This would be the first hardware and software combination that will have support for Linux and macOS.

Obstacles in SteamVR, macOS and Linux integration

However according to Slash Gear, it won?t be easy to create a virtual reality program for macOS. Valve has to modify Vulkan or OpenGL to make SteamVR work on macOS. Current PC-based VR uses Microsoft?s DirectX framework that is limited to Windows and Xbox. Moreover, developers have to create a switch as well.

Meanwhile, even if Valve actually launches SteamVR support for Linux and macOS, application support for these platforms will be limited. However, Valve?s initiative could inspire app developers to create versions of their titles to run on other platforms.

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