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Steamboy : A Portable Steam Gaming Machine. Watch The Awesome Teaser Video of Steamboy.

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Steamboy:? A Portable Steam Gaming Machine. Watch The Awesome Teaser Video of Steamboy

A video posted on YouTube, is providing a lot of excitement, on the upcoming portable Steam Gaming machine, called the Steamboy. The gaming device is designed for using a gamer’s Steam library of games, wherever he or she may be.

Just recently, we featured products from Valve regarding Steam Machines, and we have noted the small size factor, even for their desktop devices. Valve is certainly raising the level of ?portability? with the Steamboy.

(If you want to know about the Steam Machine, the Steam Controller and the ?delay’ in its release, scroll down to the end of this article for our previous posts).

Based on the teaser video clip, the ?portability? of the Steamboy is just like many of the current handheld gaming gadgets in the market. The video, at a mere 43 seconds in length, was posted just at the end of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held in Los Angeles, California, recently.

Not a lot of information can be gleaned about the Steamboy from the video clip (it is just 43 ticks long), but the quick images can provide us with a good idea of how it looks.

It seems that the controller of the Steamboy is of an XABY scheme, which looks very similar to the controller of an Xbox. It does however contain the dual touch pads seen in the Steam Controller.

It is a good thing that the developers of the Steamboy ( a 3rd party group not directly connected to Valve) talked to The Escapist ( The Escapist is an online magazine covering video games, gamers, the gaming industry, and gaming culture.-Wikipedia), and mentioned some details about the portable gaming device.

These are the specs of the Steamboy:

  • CPU : Quad Core
  • RAM : 4GB
  • Memory : Built In Memory Card ? 32 GB
  • Display : 16:19 Touchscreen ? 5 inches
  • Connectivity : Wifi / 3G

According to the developers, the Steamboy will play ?the majority of current games in Steam?, and is planned to be released by next year (2015).

Without further delay, below is the teaser video:

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Image Source: Facebook ? Steamboy



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