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Steam Winter Sale 2016: Games To Look Out For

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Steam Winter Sale 2016

Valve?s annual Winter Sale is now up and running, and players have the chance to get titles with huge price cuts. The Steam Winter Sale 2016 kicked off recently, and there are currently a ton of titles up for grabs on Steam. Careless players might be too overwhelmed with the huge discounts, so it?s best to come prepared for the sale. Here are some of the deals to look out for.

Franchise Sales

In the Steam sale, players will come across franchises that give players a chance to buy multiple games at huge discounts. The best deals to look out for are The Witcher, Fallout, Lego and Resident Evil franchises. These bundles will give players the chance to play through an entire franchise. The Witcher, for example, will give players the three entries in the main series, allowing them to follow Geralt?s story. For a little extra, players can even get the Season Pass.

Season Passes

Season Passes will be offered with huge price cuts in the Steam Winter Sale 2016. It?s best to grab games with a very meaty DLC collection so that Season Passes are better. Games like Fallout 4, The Division and The Witcher 3 give players the opportunity to play through massive DLC content, and getting Season Passes for these titles are a must. Moreover, Game of the Year editions are also worth getting.

Quick Deals

For those looking to expand their libraries or get their hands on a ton of new titles, Valve will also offer quick deals that change on a regular basis. It?s a pretty good chance to expand one?s list of titles with new games.

The best way to get around the Steam Winter Sale 2016 without buying unnecessary titles is by first looking at the user reviews of the game. Getting a title but later on not liking it is definitely one of the worst outcomes in the Steam sale.

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