Steam Summer Sale 2017 Guide: Start Date, Time, And How To Get The Best Deals

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Steam Summer Sale 2017
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Steam’s annual Summer Sale will to start its first day this week. Prep your wallets as many games will drop their prices to affordable levels. All you need is to know how it works and The Bitbag will teach you how to do just that.

Start Dates and Timed Sales

Sometimes, Valve surprises its fans with timed discounts during a Steam sale. It’ll be best to know when the event starts to be as updated as possible.  As of time zones, June 22 works differently for each country. Here’s a list of the start times of the upcoming Steam Summer Sale 2017:

  • EDT: June 22, 1PM
  • BST: June 22, 6PM
  • CEST:  June 22, 7PM
  • AEDT: June 23, 3AM

Once the sale starts, fans can begin their bargain hunting for the best games. Sometimes, the cheapest ones cost below 10 USD and even be a triple-A title. One Steam sale had The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition as one of its crowning sales.

Buying Cheap Games

Any discounted game can be considered cheap as you pay less than their original price. However, true bargain hunting depends on how big the discount is. Regardless of any game, players are encouraged to buy titles that are 60% off or more. These titles are already considered a good deal during a Steam Sale.

Buy Games You’ll Play

It’s long been a recurring joke between Steam users that they buy games they’ll never play during a Steam Sale. It’s a painful habit for some gamers as they greedily fill their library with heavily discounted games. This is a bad practice during Steam Sale and must be avoided at all costs. We’re here to spend and not to splurge.

Generally, some games from known companies and independent developers are good to experience at least once. Here’s a quick list of developers and games you should be looking out for in Steam Sales.

  • EA (Need For Speed, Battlefield, The Sims)
  • CD Projekt Red ( The Witcher series)
  • Capcom ( Dead Rising, Marvel Vs Capcom, Resident Evil)
  • Square Enix ( Final Fantasy series, Hitman, Deus Ex, Sleeping Dogs)
  • Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed series, Ghost Recon series, Rainbow Six Siege)
  • Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto Series, L.A Noire, Max Payne, Bully)
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment (Tekken 7, God Eater, Dark Souls, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, One Piece)
  • Bluehole Inc. (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)
  • Toby Fox (Undertale)
  • Devolver Digital ( Hotline Miami, Enter The Gungeon, Okhlos, Broforce)
  • 2K (NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Bioshock)
  • Bethesda Softworks (The Elder Scrolls Entries, Fallout series, Dishonored series, Prey, DOOM 2016)
  • Dingaling (Lisa)
  • Chucklefish (Stardew Valley, Starbound)

Due to Steam’s massive library, we’re not able to list down all of the good games to look forward to. It’ll be best to treat this as a starter pack to check if they’ll go on sale low enough for you to buy.

Gift It If You Can’t Play It

If you feel like buying another game but feel like you won’t spend time with it, feel free to gift it to your friends. The Steam Summer Sale (or another Steam Sale) is a good time to treat people to at least one good game. This way, you won’t be wasting money on games that you may not have time to clear out.

It’s still three days away until the Steam Sale starts, so make sure to ask around for games that you or other people around you may like. The best Steam Sale deal you can get is a game that you’ll enjoy playing. Stay updated with more Steam Sale news here on The Bitbag.

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