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Steam Summer Sale 2016: Best Deals To Look Out For

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One of Steam?s biggest sales is now up and running, giving players the chance to expand their libraries with titles selling for up to 80 percent discounts. Prepare your Steam wallets for some big deals. Here are a few good deals you should look out for in the Steam Summer Sale 2016, now also known as Steam Summer Picnic Sale. Don?t be in too much of a rush as the sale will run till July 4, 10 AM PTD.

Games With DLCs/Season Passes

The Steam Summer Sale 2016 is a good chance to get the best out of one game. Steam also puts a game?s Season Pass and/or DLCs for sale. Expect titles like Fallout 4, The Witcher or any other title with several DLCs to come at a huge discounted price. Even the Season Passes alone can be bought at a discount.

Franchise Deals

One of the best parts of Steam?s big sales is that it offers players to get an entire franchise for 50 percent ?to 80 percent off. There?s a lot of good franchises at Steam?s library, so always be on the lookout when these come. It?s a good bargain to get a game for way less than what it?s worth, but the bundles are the true treasure trove. Expect The Witcher, Fallout, and Assassin?s Creed franchise bundles to go on sale as they have been in the past.

Developer/Publisher Bundles

While franchise deals are big, developer bundles are even bigger. As with the Steam Summer Sale and any other Steam sales for that matter, several games from a specific publisher or developer are sold in a bundle at a huge discount. Previous bundles include several games from Ubisoft, Lego, Bethesda and even Valve itself.

The prices on the Steam Summer Sale 2016 today are surely enticing, but be patient and hold out from spending all of your funds right away. There will surely be more games that will get heavily discounted in the next days to come.

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