Steam Sale 2016 Mini-Game Soon?

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Steam Sale 2016 mini-game

Valve always had a mini-game on the Steam Client during its major Steam Sales. The mini-games are progressed through by buying video games on Steam during the sale, and you?ll be rewarded with unique cosmetics in the client. However, this Summer Steam Sale seems to be missing this feature as fans can?t find any mini-game on Steam. Will we still see a Steam Sale 2016 mini-game on the Steam Summer Picnic Sale in the coming days?

The Featured tab of the Steam store shows a picnic scene with a cute design to welcome their customers, and it also shows their suggested list of discounted titles. This picnic scene doesn?t have any hidden interactable part, hence leaving out a mini-game possibility for this Steam Sale. Even the Steam Reddit community confirmed that they weren?t able to find a Steam Sale 2016 mini-game.

Previously, Steam patrons enjoyed the Gingerbread Jake in North Pole Noir Alternate Reality Game and the ?Choose Your Own Adventure? minigame during the last Chinese New Year sale. While most of these mini-games are purely cosmetic in function and rewards, fans seem to enjoy the content that Steam puts out during the sales. Now that a minigame is missing during the Summer Steam Sale, fans may want this kind of entertainment as they spend their money on the online video game library platform.

More than its mini-games, a Steam Sale mainly attracts consumers with the discounts on the games on its library, as AAA games are sold as cheap as $5 or even lower. Steam Sale discounts are usually 10 percent to 90 percent, and the sale includes AAA games with dirt cheap prices. Steam Sales have been popular among PC gamers as they can snag more than five good AAA or indie games if they play their cards right and wait for extreme discounts.

Despite the absence of the Steam Sale 2016 mini-game, the sale will continue until July 4, 10AM PDT. This means there?s still plenty of time for a mini-game to be released later. Meanwhile, Valve may start updating the Featured page with different picnic-based designs to entertain their fans if a mini-game doesn?t get released. Additionally, you can still hope for surprise sales that may happen within the week, so be on the lookout.

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