Steam Machine Gaming PC To Be Delayed. Valve Announces 2015 Release for Steam Machine.

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Steam Machine Gaming PC To Be Delayed. Valve Announces 2015 Release for Steam Machine.

The Steam Machine, a much anticipated gaming PC from Valve, is not going to be released this year, and will most probably hit the market by 2015. Valve explained that the delay is due to the need to ?make the controller a lot better”.

The release of the Steam Machine line of gaming hardware, as well as the partnered Steam Controller, has been delayed until next year, said a blog announcement from Eric Hope, a product designer from Valve. Posting under his alias ?Axiom?, Hope explained that the delay would allow the Valve team working on the Steam Machine, to improve the controller (dubbed the Steam Controller) used with the gaming PC.

Hope said that ?We’re now using wireless prototype controllers to conduct live play tests, with everyone from industry professionals, to die-hard gamers, to casual gamers. It’s generating a ton of useful feedback, and it means we’ll be able to make the controller a lot better. Of course, it’s also keeping us pretty busy making all those improvements.?

The Steam Controller has gone through a number of improvements with the most recent iteration showing a dual trackpad / buttons combination.

A report from CNET said that their very own Eric Mac tried the ?Steam Machine? experience last 2013 and he noted that he ?wasn’t sold? on the controller, specifically the trackpads used in the controller, and that the device needed some improvement.

It is good that Valve is taking the feedback seriously and that they prefer not to release the Steam machine and Steam Controller until the controller has been tweaked to ?perfection?.

Some may think that an ?imperfect? controller should not stop Valve from releasing the Steam Machine, but, the Steam Controller, according to analysts, is one of the three vital components that Valve has in its plans to compete with the leading dedicated gaming consoles. The two other components are the Steam Machine unit and SteamOS.

For Valve, analysts deduce, the Steam Controller must be the most important component of the Steam set-up, since the controller is needed to replace the standard keyboard / mouse interface used in gaming PCs all these years. The Steam Controller aims to give PC gamers the comfort and intuitive feel that gamers find in console controllers, for a vast array of gaming styles that are found in PC games.

The announcement from Valve on the delay of the Steam Machine will surely affect the business of its manufacturing partners, like Alienware and Origin PC, who are banking on the Steam Machine’s release this year. Analysts say that the delay may prompt these manufacturers to release a version of the gaming PC (it is, after all, just a regular PC unit) without the Steam / Valve tag and components (controller and SteamOS).

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