Steam Summer Sale Breaks New Record

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Valve will be popping the champagne with ?Steam’s recent success. ?Steam is an online game distributor, digital rights management, multiplayer, and social platform developed by Valve Corporation. Steam?s reputation is getting a major boost as recent reports showed a record-breaking feat.

The recent Steam Summer Sale made a remarkable huge success as Steam recorded 8 million concurrent users to play games. Although the Steam Summer Sale received a number of critics, the number of players logged on to their steam account seems to prove otherwise.

January of this year, Steam recorded a total of 75 million active accounts in their roster. According to Steam?s official tally, this is the biggest break out since December last year where they recorded 7 million online users. At the end of their Steam Summer Sale, they have recorded a total of 8, 020, 552 online users at the same time. Previous records included 7.5 million users near Christmas last year and 6 million users for the first time in November of 2012.

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Steam was always ahead of the game. Similar services like EA?s Origin and Ubisoft?s Uplay was not able to accomplish the same success that Valve is having today. Steam definitely reached a whole new level thanks to the unexpected success of the Steam Summer Sale. The recent events made consoles want to emulate the same system that Steam has. Although there will be ?competition regarding the prices, there?s a huge doubt that consoles would be able to lower their prices. It?s not going to happen.

Steam continues to offer a wide roster of games with huge discounts to keep attracting gamers. League of Legends and Dota 2 are the two most played games on ?Steam?s record as of today. Sooner or later, Steam will be able to set another world-breaking record as its popularity is now at its peak.

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