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Stay stylishly protected in these futuristic UV face shields

Shield yourself from the harmful elements of the outside world with face shields that fit the fashion of the future.

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Like it or not, face masks and shields are here to stay for good. So why not treat these essentials as part of your fashion statement? Add an extra layer of fashionable protection using futuristic shields from zeroUV.

zeroUV is a curated eyewear boutique for the fashion-savvy individual. Their recent innovation was a line of stylish but inexpensive face shields that fit a futuristic style while acting as your first defense against UV and other harmful elements when you’re out doing errands.

Some of these shields feature eye protection against harmful UVA & UVB rays, while some were oversize cyberpunk wrap frames that can fit almost any prescription glasses.

Featuring bold lines, sharp angles, and sleek lens shapes that lend modern appeal, these face shields are not your typical PPE. zeroUV’s innovative face shields are designed for edgy outfits and individuals seeking to make a bold fashion statement.

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