Stay on top of your health and track your progress in the comfort of your home with this monitoring kit

Now this is health tracker made simple

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The importance of monitoring your own health cannot be overstated. After all, the old adage “health is wealth” always holds true. But while we all want to stay on top of our individual health conditions, we always find excuses to not visit the doctor or even get ourselves checked on a regular basis.

Who says tracking your health has to be inconvenient and time-consuming? This at-home health monitoring device is now your partner to assess your health so you can better be informed of the things needed to always be in tiptop shape!

What is Choose Health about?
Choose Health is an at-home health test kit designed to help you monitor your health at the comfort of your home. With this health kit, you won’t have to pay frequent visits to your doctor to find out how your physical health is doing.

So, how does this work? Using Choose Health is very simple and easy. All you need to do is order your test online which usually takes less than a week to arrive. Then, you can collect your own sample with a single prick of your finger. Once ready, you can send your samples back to the lab and wait for the results in just a few days! Sounds easy, right?

What makes Choose Health special is that it’s a very useful tool that can help you devise a plan so you can improve your health and track your progress. You even can personalize your test to track the markers that are most relevant to you. The current list of markers include:

• Cardiovascular Health (Total Cholesterol : HDL Ratio)
• Insulin Resistance (Trigylcerides : HDL Ratio)
• Average Blood Sugar (hbA1c)
• Body Composition and Visceral Fat (Waist : Heigh Ratio)
• Oxidative Stress (GGT)
• Inflammation (hs-CRP)
• Vitamin D (25-OH vitamin D)
• Testosterone (Total)
• Thyroid (TSH)

For as long as you’re over 18, you can take these tests so you can learn how your lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, exercise and diet impact your health! Indeed, staying on top of your health has never been easier with Choose Health!

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