Stay cool and be comfy on your sleep all night with this advanced cooling pillow perfect for hot sleepers

This pillow is guaranteed to bring you your best sleep yet

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Whether it’s the warm environment or the hot flushes that deprive you of good sleep, no one should ever have to endure sleeplessness. 

Thanks to this Out Cold Graphene Pillow from, you’re on your way to getting your best sleep yet, night after night after night.

This Out Cold Graphene Pillow is an advanced cooling pillow that absorbs your body heat and channels it away. The cooling effect never wears off because it is woven into the fabric

This pillow is also guaranteed to provide maximum comfort as it is crafted with a formula that allows it to breathe, contour and support so you won’t have to suffer neck and shoulder pains. It is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and odor-resistant which makes it an even better part of your bedtime!