Stay comfy while you grab some Zzz’s during your travel

This travel pillow will ensure you get a refreshing nap without the strain on your neck and spine

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Not everyone’s gifted with the ability to fall asleep anywhere or anytime they please. And when you’re caught in the middle of long-haul travel, you’d rather make the most of your journey to catch some Zzz’s and get some rest. This is where a comfortable travel pillow comes in handy. While a travel pillow helps you get into some semblance of comfort, not all travel pillows are created the same. Sadly, there are some that do more harm than good.

We all want to get as much rest as we can even in the middle of our journey and if there’s one travel pillow that can help make that happen, it’s this travel pillow from Lusso Gear.

Lusso Gear’s Travel Pillow is not your typical pillow. It’s the kind that makes you grab a relaxing sleep without the strain on your neck and spine. Because it is designed with Memory foam + rebound technology, it can contour to the shape of your head so that you don’t suffer from pains and aches while you travel.

Another thing you’ll love about this pillow is that you can conveniently use it wherever you please. Whether you seat by the window, aisle, or even use it as a neck or leg support, this pillow has a bendable twist design that allows it to contour and bend every direction and holds its shape after you position it.
And if you’re someone who frequently loses your travel pillow, this one’s something that can stay with you for good. It has an easy snap button that attaches to your luggage for hands-free mobility.


  • Memory Foam Interior
  • Bendable Twist Design
  • Quiet Inner Spine
  • Snap Button for Hands-free Mobility
  • Ultra-breathable Pillow Cover
  • Removable/Machine Washable/Dryer Safe
  • Cover
  • Bonus Eye Mask
  • Bonus Ear Plugs

Traveling should never have to be uncomfortable nor does it have to be exhausting. Take your traveling experiences up a notch and turn them into something you’ll enjoy even more with the best travel buddy you can have – Lusso Gear Travel Pillow!


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