Stay comfy in bed all day long with this high-quality mattress

You won’t want to get out of bed!

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  • Durable, soft, and high-quality mattresses
  • Helps you sleep more comfortably and longer
  • Prevent back pain
  • Reduce disruption when sleeping
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers

One of the reasons why people can’t fall asleep quickly and sleep comfortably is because of the mattress they’re using. Your mattress actually has a major impact on sleep experience as it supports your whole body, especially the spine, regardless of your sleeping position

A good mattress prevents back pain and provides the right comfort you need. That’s why it is important to invest in high-quality, durable, and soft mattresses that let you sleep comfortably and deeply every night. You might want to sleep longer or just stay in bed with Keetsa Mattresses!

You can finally choose the perfect mattress to match the way you sleep. There are three types of Keetsa Mattresses—iCoil, Memory Foam, and Hybrid—with two variations each that will transform your sleep experience into a better one. No more back pain, rolling on the bed for hours, and an uncomfortable feeling!

Keetsa Mattresses consist of a layer of softness and high-quality foam like BioFoam, Comfort Foam, and Pressure Relief Foam to provide enough comfort no matter how long you stay in bed. The iCoil Mattresses are perfect for stomach or back sleepers who prefer firm and warm mattresses. 

Meanwhile, the Memory Foam Mattresses are suitable for sensitive sleepers because they reduce excess movements and adjust to the body of the person sleeping beside you so you won’t be disrupted when sleeping. 

If you want a soothing high-tech memory foam with super responsive iCoil, you better choose the Hybrid Mattresses. It also reduces excess movements and is perfect for any type of sleeper!

To assure its durability, Keetsa Mattresses have a solid and supportive base with high density and sublimely soft foam. The cover is made from a soft and durable linen blend fabric cover that enhances air ventilation for cooler sleep, while the fiberfill is recycled and produced through a sustainable manufacturing process that eliminates harmful substances. 

Aside from high-quality mattresses; they also offer bed frames, pillows, comfort layers, and bedding that will definitely give you a good night’s sleep.