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The Station: New Mobile “Text” Game Released For Android! What To Expect From The Game

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There used to be a time when text adventure games were a hip thing for the younger generations of that era. Now, it looks like they are slowly coming back to the gaming industry. The Station is one of the mobile games that will once again hook us in this gaming genre.

The Station starts with the player in an outer space environment but, as usual, has amnesia and doesn?t know how he got there. According to Retro Gaming Mag, ?the game is billed as a ?game book?: the mobile platform name for text adventures as they contain choices and graphics (like those old Choose Your Own Adventure books.)?

This means that players can choose their own decisions and there will be a corresponding outcome and result. The game will also give the players a head scratching time as it will also include mazes, puzzles ?and other mind boggling quests you need to complete in order to push through the game.

You can choose to be the goody two shoes protagonist who finishes the game by choosing all the right choices that lead to the perfect ending. You can also be the evil antagonist who is always up to no good and end up with the worst ending imaginable. The choices and endings will all depend on how you would interact and choose your actions in the game.

The game also include features such as lasers, accidents, vending machines, zero gravity horror, short labyrinths, linux puzzles and visuals. It will also include lots of funny and annoying maintenance machinery along the way.

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The Station has been available since December 7, 2016 in Google Play and is brought to you by the team from Causa Creations GbR. So if you fancy a Goosebumps style of storyline, mixed with a Sara is Missing feel, but in a sci-fi atmosphere, this is the game for you.

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