State of Decay, the Xbox 360 Zombie Game, Slated To Receive Lifeline DLC on May 30

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State of Decay

Months after the formal launch of ?State of Decay: Lifeline? update, the game?s developer confirmed that the release of the new expansion will be on Friday, May 30 for both PC and Xbox 360 versions. Lifeline is the sixth free title downloadable content (DLC) of the game. It will be available online for $ 6.99.

State of Decay

State of Decay

Undead Labs, a Seattle-based game development studio, released the zombie game State of Decay on June 5 last year for the Xbox 360 and later on September 30 for the PC version. The game was developed by the said group and published by Microsoft Studios. The main goal of this game is for players to keep their characters alive, strategize and survive in a world infested by zombies for as long as possible.

In the Lifeline DLC, players will be able to control Greyhound One. It is a small military unit composed of a platoon of male and female soldiers tasked to go to the city of Danforth to rescue a group of scientists working on a research study that can potentially cure the zombie epidemic. This update will also include bug fixes and a set of code tweaks that may enable players to move rucksacks via vehicles to and from their survival camps.

Undead Labs pointed out that the release date of this new DLC is, in fact, ahead of schedule and a result of their and Microsoft?s efforts to ?burn the midnight oil? in order to come up with a speedy release. Undead Labs? Community Director Sanya Weathers mentioned on their official website that the update is now in its final certification stage. She also noted that this may be the first time in the history of gaming that a game was released BEFORE the official public target.

The future is quite bright for the State of Decay franchise as Undead Labs verified in early 2014 that it had signed a multi-title, multi-year deal to lengthen its development agreement with Microsoft. This provides reason for gaming experts to believe that a possible State of Decay sequel may follow suit.

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