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State Of Decay 2: Kill, Double Down, And Innovate Features Detailed

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State Of Decay 2 Artwork
A Look At State Of Decay 2 [Image Courtesy Of Microsoft E3 2016 Showcase]

The original State of Decay, despite not being as popular as other zombie games out there, is one amazing zombie game. It gave players hours upon hours of game time and it was fun surviving with a lot of NPCs. Undead Labs’ founder Jeff Strain recently gave us a look at how State of Decay 2 is being made and they have devised a foolproof formula for development as well.

In an interview with Windows Central, Strain revealed the development process behind State of Decay 2 without giving any major reveals about how the game would be like. He takes note of a “kill, double down and innovate” method that the development team has made and this looks like a good formula for making the sequel.


For kill, Undead Labs took note of unwanted features from the original game which they wanted to remove in the sequel. One of the targeted features is offline progression. Back in the original State of Decay, players’ progress continued even if they aren’t playing the game. Days passed by in the game as it did in real-life. Undead Labs was trying to simulate a realistic experience, but this was just too troublesome for many. Lucky for us, it will be a scrapped feature in State of Decay 2.

Double Down

For double down, Undead Labs looked into some of the original game’s best features. These features included permadeath, a lot of NPCs, an array of weapons and combat tactics, scavenging and community, and base building.

Undead Labs will look into what made these features amazing in the first game and they would improve upon it in the sequel. The developer has considered these as the foundations of the original game and that is way fans should expect its return in the sequel.They should also expect these features to have improvements and new mechanics as well.


Innovate is where things get interesting. For this, Undead Labs is looking for some new features to add to State of Decay 2. On the top of this list is cooperative multiplayer and a new narrative system.  For the latter, the developer is looking to provide players with a deeper system that gives players a more riveting story. Aside from these two, the developer is also looking for ways to improve the sequel’s visuals.

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