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State Of Decay 2 Gameplay Scraps Offline Progression; ‘Refined’ Features Teased By Undead Labs

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Zombies are everywhere!! [Image from official Xbox website]

Undead Labs’ next entry in the State of Decay series is shaping up to be an exciting title and zombie aficionados have a lot to look forward to in the next game. It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten new information on the game, but the info drought has finally ended. New details have been revealed about State of Decay 2 and the game sounds better already.

Windows Central recently interviewed Undead Labs’ founder Jeff Strain who has revealed new details about the upcoming title. It seems like Undead Labs is going to bring in a lot of new changes with regards to the sequel.

For starters, Strain noted that players can expect a more refined State of Decay with the sequel. “State of Decay 2 builds on the success of the original formula and improves on it based on what fans of the original have asked for: A bigger, more polished, deeper State of Decay experience that you can play with your friends,” says Strain.

The Undead Labs’ founder also takes note of some of the features that was in the first game, but will be scrapped in the sequel. The developer has scrapped offline progression, a feature that automatically progresses in-game activities to simulate the passing of time.  This system didn’t sit well with fans.Strain notes that players felt they weren’t in control with the system, so it’s something that the developer has removed from the sequel.

As for returning features, Strain notes that some of the foundation features of the previous game will return to State of Decay 2. These features include base building, scavenging, community building, a huge selection of weapons, a lot of NPCs and of course, permadeath. We can also expect the developer to add new tweaks to these returning features.

Overall, Undead Labs is looking to improve upon the original game’s foundation and improve upon it in the sequel. Those who loved the first game are definitely going to love what the developer has in store for them in the next game. There’s still no exact release date for State of Decay 2. However, Strain does note that fans have a lot to be excited for when E3 2017 comes. We can expect a gameplay reveal and the game’s release date by then.

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