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State Of Decay 2 Gameplay Features Revealed! Release Date Announced At Microsoft?s E3 2016 Conference

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Zombie game fans have a lot to get excited about as a new State of Decay title has been revealed at Microsoft?s presentation at E3 2016. The next game; State of Decay 2, was revealed through a cinematic trailer and it?s looking pretty impressive so far. ?We?ve yet to know more about the upcoming title but the cinematic trailer showed off some features that might get included in the game.

Better Base Building

One of the key features of the first State of Decay was the ability to rebuild select areas into a makeshift safe zone for the zombie apocalypse?s survivors. The trailer showed off a safe zone that?s slowly developing from rickety stations, to more organized ones. Undead Labs may be introducing a better base building feature that allows players to fully develop their areas. We?re also expecting that the next title will allow us to build structures and not just supply structures.

Diverse Cast Of Survivors

Undead Labs might be giving us an endless cast of characters to recruit and survive with again in State of Decay 2. It?s likely that team morale will play a vital role in the game again as it did in the first entry, but there might be a lot more to consider in surviving the zombie apocalypse. Players will also be tasked with leading a group of survivors in gathering supplies, looking for other survivors, and scouting for other areas to secure.

The Same Bloody Mess

The first State of Decay title was pretty brutal. Each hit at the undead was accompanied with a lot of blood and decapitated limbs. The same feature might be improved upon in State of Decay 2 now that the current gen of consoles offer up more room for better processing.

No release date has been pegged yet but it will come sometime next year.

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