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State Of Decay 2: What Fans Want

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State Of Decay 2

Expectations of fans from State of Decay 2 are huge. Microsoft Studios, in partnership with Undead Labs, is working on the title and fans want to see a lot of gameplay improvements as well as new features from the upcoming survival game. From new characters to bigger maps, better AI to more events, fans have suggested many ways the developer can work on to deliver the next State of Decay game.

The zombie survival game State of Decay 2 doesn?t need any fancy stuff, but it needs some serious improvements and new features. Fans agree that the original game in the franchise is perfect and the developer should not make any changes to the basic concept the game follows.

Players on co-op can control multiple communities, which many believes should be changed. A fan on Reddit suggests that each player should be allowed to c

ontrol one community only. Some major demands from fans include inclusion of new missions and events. Fans also want to see improvements in facilities and AI. Some also want the game to have controllable AI. Doing this will allow players to guide the followers use certain weapons or they can also use commands to make the gameplay more interactive with team mates.

The upcoming game needs a gameplay setting to allow players to choose their style of gameplay. Players suggest that a setting to adjust the difficulty level in the game is a major requirement. There is also demand for the game to be available on older Windows versions, but the chances of any such changes are rare as Microsoft is focused on Windows 10 and Play Anywhere is already there in place.

Apart from the improvement suggestions, almost every fan who demands improvements requests the developer not to change the core concept of the game. Fans also suggested some changes the developer should not think of introducing in State of Decay 2. Crafting and fast travel are the features fans do not wish to see in the upcoming game. According to fans, these features will kill the fun by distracting fans from the core concept. Weapon mechanics is also completely fine in the game and fans do not wish to see changes in this part of the game, although seeing new weapons would be appreciated, fans suggest.

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