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State Of Decay 2 Almost Became An MMO

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State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 features four-player co-op, and according to the game developer, it is not an MMO, but it almost became one.?Undead Labs simultaneously developed two titles:?codenamed class 3 and class 4. Class 3 is the original State of Decay game while?Class 4 was intended to be an MMO zombie game, which eventually became State of Decay 2.?

Studio founder Jeff Strain said during a livestream that Undead Labs planned Class 4?to be a massive multiplayer online game. The company revealed that they were developing an MMO as the game was hosted on a server with support for online multiplayer experience. After successfully delivering the original State of Decay game, the company stepped back and changed their plans as the fans wanted the same cooperative experience in the first State of Decay game. Strain said that a developer needs to be adaptive to deliver the game players are looking for.

Strain confirmed that the studio hasn?t neglected the demands of fans. When speaking about the MMO elements of the State of Decay 2, Strain said that players were asking about multiplayer co-op, and the studio is giving it to them.

Co-Op Play

Undead Labs announced the game at E3 2016, and the company confirmed that the co-op in State of Decay 2 will not feature a session-based experience. Players won?t need to connect to the internet to enjoy co-op. It will also feature drop-in and drop-out play.?

One of the most interesting facts about the game is that players won?t need to be connected to the internet. The game will also not feature any free-to-play gameplay with microtransactions in it, Strain added. According to the company, this is what fans want to see in State of Decay 2.

The game doesn?t have a specific release date for Xbox One and PC release. The title is scheduled to launch in 2017?as the company will certainly need more time to?develop the game.?

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