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Starfield Bethesda Game: A Freemium AAA RPG Title For PC And Consoles [Rumor]

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Source: Fallout 4 – Xbox & Steam Free Weekend (PEGI) video

Leaks about Bethesda’s alleged new IP, Starfield, has recently popped up on online messageboards. The leaks claim that it is both a AAA title and a freemium game filled with microtransactions for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Here’s what we know about Starfield from the leaks.

Salulard’s Leaks

As seen on 4chan, an alleged Bethesda employee supposedly leaked information about the company’s upcoming reveals this E3 2017. Apparently, Bethesda’s major reveals are Fallout 4 VR and Starfield on their E3 show this coming June 11. Currently, Bethesda has yet to reveal any trailers or official information about Starfield for their E3 2017 show.

However, take his leaks with a large grain of salt. Among his leaks is a Bethesda game release schedule that extends up to 2030 for The Elder Scrolls 7. Even rumors for the sixth Elder Scrolls couldn’t answer that question.

New Job Posting For AAA Game

Meanwhile, Zenimax Studios has an open position for a Game Performance Manager for an unspecified project. The job mostly consists of implementing business models and monetization features in this AAA game. Potentially, Starfield could be this AAA freemium game where players can play the game for free but most of its better content are locked behind a paywall.

Starfield Setting and Gameplay

Apparently, the 4chan leaker explains that Starfield will be set in a sci-fi open world with a first-person perspective. Five to ten character races are confirmed in this title. The leaker claims that Starfield chronologically takes place in the far future after Fallout, but before The Elder Scrolls series starts. Additionally, this title will have space travel, hub worlds, and RNG worlds. Starfield is meant to be a test run for Bethesda’s quest systems mixed into a Minecraft-like experience.

Inspiration And More Settlements

The leaker also claims that Starfield did take some inspiration from Star Citizen. Overall, Star Citizen supports features that allow players to self-sustain and govern the game world by themselves. Bethesda’s largest game world altering feature was the settlements system in Fallout 4. Upcoming games like The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield are said to be test runs to further refine the settlements system from Fallout 4.

Release Date

Salulard claims that Starfield is scheduled for release this 2017. At best, we might see it be part of the Bethesda E3 2017 press conference announcements. However, keep in mind that we’ve yet to confirm if Salulard is an actual Bethesda employee or another poster drumming up drama for Bethesda’s show.

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