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Stardew Valley a Surprise Hit on PC

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Lone developer Eric Barone never expected his game Stardew Valley, of which he revealed was just his way to learn programming, would receive a warm welcome from the gamer community, extending to become the best seller on Steam. Well to be more specific, as of March 9, just 12 days after its release, around 425,000 copies of Stardew Valley have already been sold.

?I thought it would be popular with people who were fans of Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, and I thought that would pretty much be it,? Barone told PC Gamer. ?I never expected it to have such wide appeal. I mean, I?m super happy about it and I?m blown away by the reaction, but I?m surprised too.?

ZAM reports that Barone?s game is indisputably of high quality and deserves all praises. But behind his success, Barone shared that he almost wanted to quit creating the game. After spending ten hours a day for four years, he revealed to Gamasutra ?There were times during development that I didn?t feel like working, that I even wanted to quit entirely.?

?Looking back, I think the development was characterized by phases of [high] productivity followed by phases where I hardly worked at all.[?] I?m not sure if there was any technique to it or if it was just a quirk of my brain chemistry.?

He further pointed that at times when he feels low of motivation, ?I did always have a ridiculous amount of faith in myself [?] It does help if you can absolutely convince yourself that you?re destined for greatness.??

Now that his game came out a success, Barone is reportedly working up to 15 hours a day now to fix bugs and other technical issues of Stardew Valley. But despite being a one-man team still, he makes sure it does not affect its life and revealed he will probably tap some professional help to develop the game?s technicalities.

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