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Stardew Valley Xbox One Update: Known Issues In First Patch

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Stardew Valley Xbox One Update

A new Stardew Valley patch for Xbox One rolled out recently. However, some players have noted issues such as the inability to install the patch due to errors. Here?s what we know so far about this problem in the Stardew Valley Xbox One update.

Download Issues

According to Nasdaq401?s thread on the Stardew Valley Reddit, some Xbox One players can?t download the new patch on their console. Apparently, this issue can be fixed by updating your Xbox One firmware to its latest version first. If you don?t get the update, the fans suggest to hard reset your Xbox One to trigger the firmware update on your next startup.

Patch Notes

Meanwhile, the Stardew Valley Xbox One update patch notes is posted on the game?s forums. According to Community Manager mollygos? post, the patch fixes the game?s performance issues to avoid game freezes and stability errors. Chucklefish Games also notes some additional controls for extra convenience in the build. The overall Stardew Valley patch improves the game build generally and fixes some of the known crashes in the game.

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Buggy Build

Currently, console Stardew Valley players are experiencing issues on the game?s build as it crashes every now and then. Fans are eagerly waiting for the game to finally be stable on the console. At best, expect the worst and save regularly to avoid any unnecessary losses due to the bugs.

During the game?s first release on PC, Stardew Valley made waves as it had a Harvest Moon-like gameplay on the platform. Players could do farm duties and earn money to improve it. Alternatively, players could also opt to try out other systems like the marriage system and even monster hunting. Similar to most early access indie titles arriving on the console, Stardew Valley may catch the interest of console players due to its?success on PC.

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