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Stardew Valley Update: PS4 and Xbox One Bugs Still Unaddressed

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Stardew Valley Update

Previously, fans requested a new Stardew Valley update on the PS4 and Xbox One to fix the game?s bugs. And while the developers are still working on the game?s fixes, they are also updating fans on their progress. Here?s what we know so far about the Stardew Valley update.

Working through the Holidays

According to Katzeus? post on the official forum, the developers are still working on the game?s patch and have not ignored the fanbase. They?ve already spent the holidays making the Stardew Valley update that fixes the console version?s problems. Katzeus notes that many more major problems for both Xbox One and PS4 versions need to be worked on.

Major Problems

Katzeus listed four major problems that currently plague the fixes on both the Xbox One and PS4 patches. The post also lists some four more problems which can break the game?s immersive experience. The Stardust Valley update for the consoles may bring about some heavy changes once it?s done.

The Xbox One version currently has issues on its save files which heavily hampers every Stardew Valley player on the console. The game apparently crashes when loading a save file or returning to the title. Easily, this makes the game virtually unplayable for Xbox One players. However, this isn?t the only problem that developers are working on in the console versions. The PS4 Pro version also has problems when using the Rest mode feature.

The console Stardew Valley is experiencing many issues at the same time. Dealing with these issues all at once may have heavily hampered the workforce.

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Wait until It Gets Fixed

Currently, the lack of fixes and the continuous work the developers are doing in the game make the console versions volatile. Xbox One players can?t move forward or attempt progress with the bug. Meanwhile, the PS4 version is safe from that but the game also suffers from a variety of other gameplay bugs. For now, we can just wait until the next console Stardew Valley update rolls in to avoid any unnecessary frustration and losses.

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