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Why is Stardew Valley the top selling Steam game

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This new game is selling like hotcakes and we are here to find out why.

Just lately, a new game called Stardew Valley became available for Steam. It is a farming simulation game that is very familiar with another game that everyone knows is called Harvest Moon, but it seems Stardew Valley is a lot bigger that we expected. The game was created by Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, and he is becoming a fan favorite in the Stardew community.

What also made this game interesting is that Eric developed the game all by himself and even completed the development in a span of just four years. This impressed his fans as well, as they would always talk about him being just the one guy who developed the game as some just cannot believe that he managed to do it all by himself. As for the game, it has a lot of content where you can unlock more animals to collect, more ladies to have a romance with, more fish to catch, and a ton of mines to explore and gather minerals. You can unlock more content as you progress further. It is like Harvest Moon with more content, no wonder everybody loves it.

But one of the best things in the game is how Eric Barone managed to provide frequent game updates for the game. It was just available in just over a week and there are already around four game updates that added new content, bugfixes and balance changes, and let us not forget that Eric is the only guy who is doing it. And he is also active on social media for any concerns about the game. This kind of dedication is a terrific treat for the players who purchased the game, which as a result gave Stardew Valley an overwhelming positive feedback on the Steam review section. It is not a surprise to see some game developers being so passionate with their games and being open to their fans and have time interacting with them. This could also help improve their game as well as their sales chart.

Stardew Valley is now available for the PC via Steam.

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