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Stardew Valley PS Vita Release Leaked In Trophy List!

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Now that it’s slated for a console release, fans have wondered if they will see a Stardew Valley PS Vita version. The farming simulator has gotten plenty of praise on PC and will likely get more when it hits the consoles. However, the Harvest Moon games prove that these types of titles are perfect for handheld gaming.

It seems like these wishes are about to come true, as there is some proof of a Vita version. Exophase has listed trophies for a Vita version, which might be proof that it’s on the way. One has to wonder why a Vita version (and a 3DS version) wasn’t announced along with the console ports.

A (PS) Vita Title?

With a lack of big name games coming to the handheld, a Stardew Valley PS Vita port could do really well. Even the game’s creator agrees, telling a commenter on the PS Blog that it would be a perfect fit. While the developer can’t say for certain that it will come, it’s good to know that he agrees with fans.

Thanks to the leak from Exophase, it looks like a Vita version of the Harvest Moon tribute is in the works. This is perfect, since the game would look and play well on Sony’s underrated handheld. Here is hoping that an official announcement is made soon, since Vita owners could use a title like Stardew Valley.

Stardew PS Vita?

Until the developer officially announces this, fans will have to assume that a Stardew Valley PS Vita version isn’t happening. However, the evidence suggests that this announcement could be happening much sooner than expected. While it likely won’t be released alongside the console versions, there is still a good chance that it will come to Sony’s handheld.

If a Vita port is on the way, one can hope that it’s a shared title between the handheld and the PS4. That way, players can pick up the PS4 version later this year and carry over the progress if it ever comes to the Vita.

Currently, Stardew Valley can be played on PC, but is coming to PS4 and Xbox One. A version for the Nintendo Switch is also in the works. ?

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