Stardew Valley Multiplayer: Why The New Feature Could Be Coming Soon

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Stardew Valley
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Stardew Valley players were taken by surprise last month as developer Chucklefish Games teased that a multiplayer component is due to hit the farming sim soon. To this date, we’ve still yet to hear more about the multiplayer component as no release date has been set yet. However, we have good reason to believe why the anticipated Stardew Valley multiplayer mode will come soon.

A post by the developer on the game’s official website celebrates a milestone in the game’s development. Stardew Valley recently celebrated its first anniversary since launch. It’s a big event for players and the game, but the developer didn’t reveal any surprises to commemorate the milestone. Instead, the developer decided to tell the history of the game.

The developer revealed the long and arduous journey it went through before the game’s launch. Stardew Valley underwent quite a few changes and there should at least be something to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. Players are looking in the direction of a Stardew Valley multiplayer as a way for Chucklefish Games to celebrate the game’s milestone.

Nintendo has also recently announced that the Nintendo Switch will be the first console to support the multiplayer aspect of Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe also clarified that PC will still be the first platform to support the new feature.

Since its reveal last year , Chucklefish Games has been pretty quiet regarding the Stardew Valley multiplayer content. It’s high-time the developer released the multiplayer component and it comes in at a perfect time considering the game is celebrating its first anniversary.

If not multiplayer content, the developer could also introduce some other new content in the game. Whatever the developer has planned for the game, players should expect something new from the developer in the days or weeks to come.

What Fans Want From Multiplayer

We’ve yet to know what the game’s multiplayer content has to offer, but fans have a few ideas on what Chucklefish Games should add to the title. The game’s core features allows for a lot of possible multiplayer-focused elements like PvP, co-op family building, and many more.

The farming sim allows players to fish, hunt, gather, and build. These would be more fun to do with the aid of another player.

Players could probably enjoy both competitive and cooperative multiplayer in Stardew Valley soon. It’s a pretty exciting feature as a lot of players probably are in the end-game content of Stardew Valley, and a multiplayer component could potentially give players a lot more to do in the game. Fans are hoping that the anticipated feature will launch soon.

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