Stardew Valley Multiplayer: Features It Should Borrow From Animal Crossing, Overwatch, And Other Games

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Stardew Valley Multiplayer
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One of the most anticipated features coming to Stardew Valley is a new multiplayer content teased by the developer a few months ago. We’ve yet to get a full look of the game’s multiplayer content, but fans are already making their guesses as to how Chucklefish Games could execute the feature. The developer could also copy a few things from other games for the Stardew Valley multiplayer feature.

Players are still curious as to how Chucklefish Games could execute the Stardew Valley multiplayer feature. All we have for  now is a teaser image for the feature that was released months ago. Aside from that, all the developer has told us is that the feature will come first to the PC, followed by the Nintendo Switch, and the last platforms to receive it are the PS4 and Xbox One. Needless to say, the possibilities are big when it comes to what features it could have.

Animal Crossing

If Chucklefish Games wants to take a simpler route when developing the Stardew Valley multiplayer feature, it should take the formula from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Multiplayer in the 3DS’ exclusive life-sim couldn’t be more simpler.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s multiplayer content, players can share their FCs or Friend Codes to others. If they do, then that player can visit their village whenever they want even if the village owner is offline. If the village owner is online, then the players can explore the village and trade items with each other.

This sounds like a doable take on the Stardew Valley multiplayer feature as it would be neat to simply share their towns to other players and vice versa. However, players might get disappointed with such a simple feature for the game’s multiplayer content.


Another game that Chucklefish Games should look to for inspiration is Overwatch. The two games are completely different when it comes to gameplay, but if Stardew Valley’s developer is looking for a great multiplayer game for inspiration, then they should look no further than Overwatch.

One of the multiplayer features that Chucklefish Games should copy from Overwatch are the game’s Seasonal Events. This feature would fit perfectly in Stardew Valley as the game has seasons of its own. However, it would be hard for the developer to create events for each season in-game so Chucklefish Games could try out real-time seasons only.


Graphics-wise, Terraria and Stardew Valley share almost the same art style. Although the gameplay is different, players probably get a similar feel for both titles when it comes to combat. In Terraria’s multiplayer feature, players can jump in on servers readily wherein they can explore the world freely with several others.

This would be a good feature to have in Stardew Valley and players should be allowed to explore dungeons and the world itself with several others in just the click of a button. It would be better if Chucklefish Games would introduce a separate multiplayer world as well so that players get to experience something new.

Original Things

Of course, Chucklefish Games could also try a few new things that are their original creations when it comes to creating the Stardew Valley multiplayer content. The game’s list of features are good foundations for an excellent multiplayer component already.

First off, the developer should allow players to marry each other in the game. In Stardew Valley, players can marry NPCs after doing the right things. We see no reason why the multiplayer content shouldn’t have the same feature.

When it comes to competitive multiplayer, players should be allowed to compete with each other in the game. It could be a contest of who can make the more successful farm first or it could be something as simple as a competitive version of Stardew Valley’s mini-games.

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