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Starcraft: Legacy of the Void–How it can be used as a Recruitment Tool

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Starcraft: Legacy of the Void has finally arrived, after months and even years of speculation about it?about the story, its impending release, and the content it will have. Finally, the game appears as if it?s well on its way to be made available to the gaming industry, to the delight and the sorrow of its loyal fanbase. We say ?sorrow? for the fact that this installment will also be the last installment of the game.

Starcraft?s Legacy of the Void expansion will tie up the loose ends on the fate that awaits Raynor, Kerrigan?the Queen of Blades, and the Protoss forces after the events the first two games. Let?s take a look at what is reportedly to happen.

As previously said, this GameSpot article discussed how this expansion will be the conclusion of the StarCraft story. StarCraft had a long hiatus between stories?12 years to be exact?and this conclusion might be long-awaited, but nevertheless, has arrived. Also, we take a look at the connection between games like this and the current ISIS movement?how they can potentially use it to increase their drive for recruitment.

StarCraft comes Full Circle

The story of the struggles of the Terran?the faction of Jim Raynor?as well as the Zerg branch of Kerrigan began way back in the early days of StarCraft.

Now, with the arrival of StarCraft: Legacy of the Void, the GameSpot article tells of the StarCraft game as coming full circle. However, as per the article, a Blizzard spokesperson?speaking to IGN through the GameSpot article?clarified that the universe will exist even after the wrap-up of?StarCraft: Legacy of the Void. It makes sense, since there is still a lot of content left to be explored, as well as questions to be answered.

The StarCraft universe may live on in a form other than in games. Someone might think up of a StarCraft movie?as is the norm these days?and the possibility of a StarCraft serial in comic books isn?t out-of-this-world.

ISIS and StarCraft ???

ISIS has, as of late, been going overdrive with their avant-garde tactics in terms of recruiting for their mujaheedin.

From this Fox News article, we see how it is possible that ISIS may begin to approach universities in a bid to get more Western fighters. However, as we take a look at this China Topix article, it?s not far-fetched that the fundamentalist?Islamic State may use games to entice fighters to join their cause. Legacy of the Void being as hot as it is, perhaps they could peddle it as an incentive, or a benchmark for finding fighters willing to die for their cause.

It?s absurd how ISIS could use games as a way of recruiting; but then again, if games offer a sense of detachment from the real world, perhaps they may package their cause and the fight to establish a brutal regime as a simple ?game?.

StarCraft through the Years

If you haven?t played the first part of StarCraft yet, or lived under a rock during its heyday, perhaps you would want to get a copy of it before Legacy of the Void releases. It?s the only way to appreciate the coming of the finale of one of the most entertaining stories ever to have been written for games.


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