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Starcraft 2 Legacy Of The Void Release Date And Features: All You Need To Know

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Finally, after the long wait, the second and final expansion of Starcraft 2 has been revealed to the fans.

The second expansion will be launched on November 10, 2015 as Blizzard revealed the release date today during the finals of the World Championship Series season three which is still currently streaming live on Twitch.

Along with the announcement was a stunning cinematic opening featuring the ancient yet powerful Protoss race, battling an entire swarm of Zergs that are invading their territory. We get to see the classic Zealot grunts slashing their way against the swarm and High Templars merging into an Archon. It was a classic Blizzard cinematic trailer showcasing their powerful CGI skills and making us hope for a cinematic release of Starcraft once the Warcraft movie is released next year.

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void will focus more on the story of the Protoss race, more importantly the perspective side of High Templar Artanis. The game will feature new units for each race (Terran, Zerg and Protoss) as well as changes in the multiplayer game which include balance fixes and not to mention a brand new campaign mode that resolves on the Protoss race.

Those who preordered the game will be granted beta multiplayer access to Legacy of the Void and three prologue missions called Whispers of Oblivion, but no details on when the players can avail the free missions. New to the game is the diplomacy elements, where players will have to work with different Protoss tribes in order to gain their trust and gain you allies, but as a result, you can become enemies with other tribes.

The core game, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was released on July of 2010 and the first expansion; Heart of the Swarm was released on March of 2013. Legacy of the Void will finally close the story of the conflict of the three races and hopefully we would see new races to be introduced in future Starcraft games.

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