StarCraft 2 in a New Light: Turn-based Experience with Rogue Star Mod

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Blizzard has undoubtedly created a gold mine with StarCraft. Since the first game, StarCraft has taken the real-time strategy formula that Red Alert also uses and has further expounded on it. The resulting game was StarCraft, which told the story of three races struggling for survival. In this game, you play as either the tech-savvy Terrans, the bio-tech spawning Zerg, or the alien-tech using Protoss. Controlling either of the three races, you then set out on a quest to further balance the scales in a galactic war.

Another thing that further set up interest in the StarCraft series of games is the storyline. In StarCraft, we are introduced to the story of Jim Raynor and his troubles with the Terran faction of Arcturus Mengsk. We are also told of the plight of Terran Ghost Kerrigan, from her being left behind to her subsequent transformation as a hybrid Zerg Queen-Terran, earning her moniker ?Queen of the Blades?. Then we are shown the fates of the Protoss, who are revealed to have troubles with the Zerg as well. We are introduced to Zeratul and Fenix, a Dark Templar and a Zealot who was revived within a Protoss Dragoon.

So far, StarCraft 2 is on the right track, further expanding the stories started in StarCraft for Raynor, Kerrigan, and Zeratul. Raynor is on the run as Arcturus? boys are still out hunting for him. He is constantly plagued by what happened to Kerrigan, who in turn has reached a new high of further combining her Zerg abilities with her Ghost-honed ones. Zeratul?s story, on the other hand, is still in the works as the third expansion for StarCraft 2 is yet to be finished.

StarCraft 2 has been around long enough for people to search fresh new alternatives regarding the gameplay. Fortunately, some modders found a way for their fellow StarCraft 2 fans to keep playing the game. They have developed Rogue Star, a StarCraft 2 mod that turns the strategical, real-time game into a turn-based one. This is also good for beginners who are still struggling with the keyboard shortcuts that are programmable in the game.

The mod is currently in a prologue-only version as of right now, but so far, there have been 30+ abilities, 60+ items, and 10 unique enemy types discovered in-game. The mod has a dedicated subreddit, which further explains that it is still in the process of adding co-op and PvP in a content patch that will be added later. This mod is available in the free-to-play StarCraft 2 Arcade. All you need to do is to download the Arcade, and you search the games list for Rogue Star. You can play it regardless of whether you have the base RTS.

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