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StarCraft 2 Gamescom 2016: New Co-Op Map, Collections, And All Announcements So Far By Blizzard

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StarCraft 2

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the new updates coming to Starcraft 2 before Gamescom 2016. Additions like a new co-op map, a new protoss co-op commander, and a major patch that tweaks units from every faction were revealed. Here?s a quick rundown of the revealed changes coming to Blizzard?s game.

New Co-op Map?

According to GGM8Scally?s thread on the game?s subreddit, an official Starcraft tweet confirmed a new co-op map called ?Mist Opportunities,? but the post was suddenly removed. Alternatively, Blizzard Entertainment has released a Co-Op Missions video that explains the system of the new game. Co-op maps are limited at the moment and may need this new addition soon.

New Co-Op Commander, Alarak

Alarak, the Tal?darim Highlord, along with the Tal?darim Protoss units, will be now be playable as a Co-Op commander in Starcraft 2. Though his exact specialization hasn?t been revealed yet, the Alarak trailer shows that his units focus on offense and shock tactics with the sudden appearance of a ship that wrecks a small base in the video. His overall design was discussed in the Blizzard livestream by the developers.

Alarak played a key role in the story of the Legacy of the Void expansion despite his seemingly sinister appearance. The character is also notable as he was voiced by John De Lancie who is known as Star Trek?s Q and even as My Little Pony?s Discord.


Cosmetic items have also been confirmed in the livestream. Skins and voice packs were announced, however, the full list of these items haven?t been revealed yet, but it?s been confirmed that they can be brought to the multiplayer portion.

Major Patch Update

Recently, a major patch has been confirmed to roll out to Starcraft 2 before Gamescom 2016. The update affects all the three factions, namely Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. The changes include large buffs, new abilities and slight nerfs to units which could definitely add some edge to the playable factions in the game. However, we?ve yet to see the effects of these changes as they?re going to be implemented in the Starcraft 2 test servers first before they?re used in regular play.

Due to these changes and other events to the Starcraft 2 eSports scene,the game?s fans on Reddit are more optimistic about the game?s future. For now, stay tuned to Blizzard?s official Gamescom video compilation page, their YouTube channel, or their official Twitch stream for more StarCraft 2 Gamescom 2016 updates. Until then, stay updated on more news here on TheBitBag.

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