Starbucks Special Offer: Free Wireless Charging for Customers

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Customers of Starbucks will soon have even more reason to stay in their coffee shops ?as they are offering to wirelessly recharge mobile devices. While you get recharged with your coffee, your devices will also get recharged wirelessly via Powermats.

Starbucks is partnering with Duracell Powermat to make this happen. Instead of having customers look for the nearest available power outlet, they can simply recharge their mobile devices wirelessly. There will be Powermat spots on counters and tables and customers need to simply place their compatible devices on top of them.

Shops in Boston and San Jose already offer this service and a nationwide rollout is expected to begin soon. The world?s largest coffee chain has over 20,500 stores worldwide and they plan to have pilot programs in Europe and Asia within a year?s time.

This looks to be another ploy to get customers to stay longer. Coffee shops have long experimented with different ways to encourage their customers to stay longer. These include music, comfortable and relaxing chairs, and free Wi-Fi. Starbucks is also testing a service this year that lets customers order items ahead of time on their phones. This latest move could be a winner for them especially since smartphones and other devices require a lot of battery. Regardless of whether you call it a marketing strategy or a ploy, this could be a big hit for customers.

This latest partnership with Powermat is one of several strategies that Starbucks is working on to entice customers. They are testing new lunch sandwiches in select cafes with the aim to get more of the afternoon crowd. There?s also a La Boulange branded restaurant opening in Los Angeles that serves cocktails and dinner items like burgers. Starbucks bought La Boulange bakery back in 2012.

Stassi Anastassov, President of Duracell, said in a statement that the company?s endorsement of Powermat should ensure that the technology becomes the industry standard. Anastassov added: ?When Starbucks introduced Wi-Fi in their stores in 2001, 95 percent of devices didn?t have Wi-Fi, and multiple standards hampered the industry. Starbucks? plans to offer Powermat nationally is likely to settle any lingering standards questions.?

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