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Starbucks Red Cups 2015 Cause Uproar Among Customers: Here?s Why They?re Seeing Red

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People can?t seem to get over Starbucks and their annual red cups. Instead of the cups signifying the start of the holiday season, it?s brewing up some mess that Starbucks aficionados won?t let go of.

Starbucks alleged ?war on Christmas?

According to CNBC, Starbucks has always featured the iconic red cup every start of the holiday season with ?several winter-themed designs since it first appeared in 1997.? Each and every year they take on the red cups with either simple designs or intricate drawings to symbolize Christmas.

The red cup, described as ?a two-toned ombre design, with a bright poppy color on top that shades into a darker cranberry below,? made an evangelist named Joshua Feuerstein stir up some controversy making it look like that Starbucks? dismissal of Christmas as a Christian holiday in favor of political correctness, according to Fortune.

In a video posted by the evangelist, Feuerstein described that Starbucks ?wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups. That?s why they?re just plain red.? And instead of boycotting the coffee establishment, Feuerstein started a movement urging the viewers to imitate what him. He went into Starbucks ? with a gun ? ordered a drink and told the barista that his name was ?Merry Christmas,? and was then written on his red cup. ?So guess what Starbucks? I tricked you into putting Merry Christmas on your cup,? he said in the video, which was viewed 12 million times and has over 500,000 shares, according to Fortune.


But still, the company is keen on implying that the red cups were meant to be ?blank canvass for customers to create their own stories, inspired by the doodles and designs that customers have drawn on white cups for years.

?In the past, we have told stories with our holiday cups designs,? Starbucks Vice President of Design & Content Jeffrey Fields said in a statement, according to CNBC. ?This year we wanted to usher in holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories.?

Eventually, it depends on the person on how they see the cup, whether it give them a pure sense of the holiday season or just a horrible thing to see. What do you think about the 2015 Starbucks? red cups? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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