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Starbucks Cup Is The New #TheDress

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The New #TheDress

Do you read Greg or do you see Corey? Apparently, we have yet another #dress situation on hand, and now social media is in a hot debate of whether or not we?re reading the name in the Starbucks cup correctly.

Comedian Greg Dorris recently twitted a photo of his Starbucks cup with his name, and asked people if they see Greg or Corey. Of course, just like the black-blue, white-gold debacle, Twitter-dom is once again at a standstill.

Is this the new dress?

Some were simply saying that it is of course, Greg, as it?s the name of the comedian, unless he actually said his name was Corey.

?If I hadn’t known the guys name was Greg…It says Corey. But…If I look at it knowing thet guys name is Greg… sure it could be Greg with a messed up ‘G’. lol? said one commenter.

Another said: ?It says Greg. The man’s name is Greg. Simple as that.?

But then one went on to say, ?This is stupid. It clearly says Corey. You would really have to force your brain to read Greg. The o is connected to the c. Simple as that.?

What?s entertaining as usual, are the snarky comments on some who joined the debate.

One asked for a compromise: ?Why not make a compromise and declare it says “Coreg,” brand-name of a popular cardiovascular medication??

While another one read the whole thing wrong altogether: ?don’t know what all of you are seeing. I clearly reads Aloysius.?

And then there?s one commenter whose attention is obviously somewhere else:

?It clearly says “You paid too much for a drink,” said Craig Simmons, alluding more to Starbuck than the topic.

But someone named Steve Cole from Sacramento made the most level-minded comment: ?It SAYS Greg because that’s the guy’s name and that’s what she wrote. It LOOKS LIKE Corey though.?

The picture from Twitter has been share almost 2,000 times, and continues to be debated on. It?s not clear if someone will make a study out of this.

The Starbucks cup is now on sale in E-Bay.

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