Starbound: How To Get Core Fragments Easily

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After exploring your first planet and finding the ?archaic energy source? in Starbound, the game tasks you to find Core Fragments located near the center of the planet. This may frustrate new players as they may have focused on exploring first instead of setting up a good base on the planet. However, there?s a quick trick for finding these items without attempting to even go near the deepest part of the planet.

Despite the game?s procedurally generated content, every starting character will start on a similarly built planet with an abandoned mine filled with loot and Core Fragments. You may find the entrance to this mine during your exploration; it has an NPC camped just outside the entrance. If not, continue exploring the planet by traveling in one direction and you?ll be sure to find it easily.

Once inside, check every crate and container in the mine for Core Fragments and other leftover loot from the miners. As expected, you can find ores in the crates, but you?ll also get weapons and equipment if you?re lucky enough. Make sure to search every nook and cranny of the mines so you won?t miss any Core Fragments for the Starbound quest.

Alternatively, you can use this Abandoned Mines area as your new base on the planet. Just redecorate and install lighting items like Torches in the area to improve visibility. Sometimes, monsters spawn in the mines, so make sure to fill in holes and build it more like a house to avoid spawns inside. If that doesn?t work, just keep your weapon out for any threat that comes in your Abandoned Mine house. This setup is entirely handy if you didn?t get enough Core Fragments inside the mines. It?s also a good place to return to if you?re aiming to venture to the center of the planet for those other fragments.

Once you?ve brought enough Core Fragments to the ?archaic energy source,? it?ll teleport you to the Outpost where you?ll be able to find some Civilization and your next string of quests. After the game?s starting challenges, you get to enjoy more of Starbound?s features outside the crafting and building systems.

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