?Star Wars: Uprising? Release Date Came In Early: Link For Game Here!

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The Star Wars mobile game Star Wars: Uprising just went online a day early from its initial release, so what is the big deal about this game?

Star Wars: Uprising is a mobile RPG that is now available for the iOS and Android, it sets before the events in Episode 7 The Force Awakens and right after the Battle of Endor in Episode 6 The Return of The Jedi. The game will feature a new antagonist Governor Adelhard as he tries to blockade around the Anoat Sector; which includes Cloud City and the planet Hoth after news of the news of the second Death Star was destroyed and the dissolution of the Empire. You take the role of a band of rogues as they team up to stop Adelhard.

Star Wars: Uprising will be developed by Kabam, a game developer that focused primarily on Facebook and mobiles games with games on their portfolio includes the disappointing Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game. The game will be more of a multiplayer role-playing game and it will be free-to-play, which of course will be more on a micro-transaction game with most of the items (probably cosmetic items) are only available by purchasing them, premium items such as experience points buffs and other gameplay boosting function are not available for premium purchase, giving both paying and non-paying players a fair treatment.

The gameplay will feature action pack battles where you can use hand gestures to perform action, like double tapping to dodge attacks and sweeping on targets to activate skills. Players can take quests from NPCs and exploring areas to discover new items. The game can be played in just a few minutes or longer like more than an hour depending on your preferred play style. The multiplayer feature will allow both iOS and Android users to play co-op matches with each other, which is a great leap for mobile users.

Star Wars: Uprising is now available for the mobile platform, if you are an Android user, you can download it here, for iOS user, right over here.

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