?Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Updates: JJ Abrams Removes Midi-Chloreans, Fans Make Fun of Concept

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?Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Director JJ Abrams has revealed that he is officially removing the concept of Midi-Chloreans in the latest movie.

Abrams gave a resounding ?No? when asked if Midi-Chloreans will be included in his film.

Midi-Chloreans were introduced in Star Wars I to III, but Abrams omitted the concept even as the first three sequential films had it.

What are Midi-Chloreans?

Midi-Chlorians was first introduced in The Phantom Menace as a microscopic life form that lives inside people?s bodies. The more of them you have, the stronger your Force is. This means that a powerful Jedi such as Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker are overflowing with those beings.

The concept sparked frustration among fans as Jedi?s powers are now likened to a cholesterol that can be measured in a blood count.

George Lucas explained that midi-chlorians are beings that serve as a middle-ground to interact with the Force, iDigital Times reported. ?They are at the core of your life, which is the cell, the living cell,? George Lucas explained. ?They are in a symbiotic relationship with the cell. And then, because they?re all interconnected as one, they can communicate with the larger Force field. That?s how you deal with the Force.?

Geroge Lucas? explanation is a mouthful. Here is how fans funnily interpreted it.

Numerous Star War fans have opposed the concept as it irritated them that one?s powers are innate and measurable with a blood test, Screen Rant reported. This concept has flamed the already fan-hated Star Wars I-III to the ground as numerous fans thought it was a stupid idea.

Fans easily hated the introduction of midi-chlorians because George Lucas defined one?s ability to use the force as a way of life, not something innate. Lucas? definition of The Force in 1977 was something like Kung Fu:

?The Force is really a way of seeing; it?s a way of being with life?The Force gives you the power to have extra-sensory perception and to be able to see things and hear things, read minds and levitate things? You have to come to learn it. It?s not something you just get. It takes many, many years? Anyone who studies and worked hard could learn it. But you would have to do it on your own.?

Do you agree with JJ Abrams removing the concept in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will release this December 28, 2015.

Source: Screen Rant, iDigital Times

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