Star Wars The Force Awakens: The Top 5 Plot Twist To Watch Out For

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The newest Star Wars film draws closer, and to hype things up, we put up 5 things we want to see in the movie.

The Force Awakens will make any Star Wars fans scream for excitement as the December premiere draws near, and a lot of them are already making their fan theories and expectations on what they might see on the first movie after a decade. So we decided to put up a list on what people might expect from the new film. And of course do take note that this may not happen in the film, but it would not be fun if we don?t make our predictions.

Return of Boba Fett

The infamous bounty hunter will make a return after a supposed demise on The Return of the Jedi. He may have fewer lines on the movies, but his presence makes him a formidable foe and a problem for the Rebellion whenever he pops up. And let us not forget he has a kickass Mandalorian armor with an awesome ship called Slave I. He needs to have a comeback.

Luke Becoming Evil

In the comic books of the expanded universe, which is now sadly non-canon to the current Star Wars timeline. Luke Skywalker eventually sided with the Dark Side, though on this version, he wanted to learn why his father preferred to become a Sith Lord and to fully understand him. Though we will be curious on what his reason would be if he did become with the Dark Side on The Force Awakens.

Origin of the Knights of Ren

We know nothing much about this supposed cult of Dark Jedi, but it seems they are a fanatic of Darth Vader, hence having helmets that inspired from him. Though in the trailer, it shows that only Kylo has a makeshift lightsaber and the rest are resorted to blasters. We would like to learn more about them.

Starkiller Base

Any Star Wars films (except the prequels) require a badass space fortress, something like the Death Star. This time we will going to see an existing planet or moon turned into a planet destroying fortress. Though we managed to see a glimpse of the Starkiller base from the poster and quick scenes from the trailer, we want to know more.

More lightsaber battles

Of course, what is a Star Wars without any awesome lightsaber fights? Though it is confirmed that Finn will be wielding Anakin?s lightsaber and Kylo Ren will be using his crafter lightsaber as you may notice on the trailers that his lightsaber feels unstable. Hopefully we could see more lightsaber fights aside from Finn and Kylo, and we mean we also want to see Luke Skywalker in action.

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