?Star Wars The Force Awakens? News & Updates: Lawrence Kasdan Shares Insight On New Film, Movie Created To Look Like Original Trilogy

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We take a look on how Lawrence Kasdan will make a big change for the Star Wars films.

One of the best things to happen for the new Star Wars trilogy is the return of screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. He is the one behind the screenwriting on The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and some of the classic films like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Big Chill. It was one of the biggest move in Lucasfilm and hopefully Kasdan can make the new films to have the same wow factor like it did on the original trilogy.

In an interview with Wired magazine, Kasdan shared some stories on how he landed the job for the two Star Wars films.

My initial engagement with it was kind of a surprise. I had just taken six months to write Raiders of the Lost Ark from scratch. I handed it in, and George said, ?do you want to write Empire Strikes Back?? Literally, he threw it on the desk and asked me to write Empire. He said, ?we?re in big trouble. Leigh Brackett [who wrote the first draft] has passed away. They?re building sets in England. And I don?t have a script.?

I said, ?maybe you ought to read Raiders first.?

He said, ?I?m going to read it tonight, and if I don?t like it I?ll call you back tomorrow and take back this offer.?

When asked about returning to handle scriptwriting for The Force Awakens

It was completely out of the blue. I was really surprised. I hadn?t had anything to do with it since Jedi. George and I had stayed in touch, and I would see him occasionally, but we weren?t close. And then Kathy Kennedy called. This is before Disney was in the picture at all. She said, ?we?re going to make more Star Wars movies. Will you come up and talk to George and me??

I had a lot of hesitation. I went up to the ranch not at all convinced I would do it. I was happy to see George again, and Kathy and I have never been out of touch, because we have a lot of connections. And they said, ?look, we have hired Michael Arndt to write the next one, but there are these other ideas, and you can take your pick.? I said, ?the only one I really want to do here is Han Solo, because Han is my favorite character.? And they said OK. That got me over my hesitation. We made a deal for me to write Han, and a deal to come on and help Michael and with some other people develop what would be the next Star Wars. I did that as a kind of consultant at the same time I was starting to write Han. It went on for months, and it was quite a large brain trust.

And finally when ask on how it was working with director JJ Abrams

What we wanted from the movie was exactly the same, to return it to a kind of physicality?tangible, real sets, real features, kind of lightly funky even though it?s incredibly sophisticated. The feeling we wanted was from the first trilogy, which was, it?s fun, it?s delightful, it moves like a son of a bitch, and you don?t question too much.

You can read more on his interview by heading to Wired Magazine?s website, credits to Collider for the featured news. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit theaters worldwide on December 18.

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