Star Wars Sandcrawler Is Made Of 10,000 LEGO Bricks!

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Two Star Wars fans have built one heck of a Lego masterpiece. Meet Jarren Harkema and Calvin Hartley, both of them are Lego fanatics as well as die-hard fans of Star Wars. They decided to build a kick ass Lego version of the Sandcrawler; one of the iconic vehicles used by the Jawas as their mobile home in Star Wars: A New Hope.

With hundreds of hours spent in designing, planning and building, they managed to complete the 3-foot Lego Sand Crawler with 10,000 bricks and weighs at around 28 pounds.

Jarren and Calvin both met at a Lego Robotics Club and it is where it started their friendship. Their Sandcrawler Lego creation was revealed at the Brickworld Lego Convention in Chicago where it was nominated for ?Best Mechanical Creation?.


What makes their Sandcrawler so awesome is aside from the exterior design having great detail, but the winning feature is the interior where it almost replicated some of the features from the Star Wars movie, it shows some working mechanisms such as the elevators and front hatch, it even shows the compartments in every layer of the Sandcrawler featuring some cool Easter eggs in every corner if you are a fan of other Lego playset series like The Lego movie and Lord of the Rings. It has even a remote control where you can actually drive the Sandcrawler, though Calvin explained that they had problems designing the tack system for their creation so it was difficult to drive the Sandcrawler.

You can check more about Jarren and Calvin?s Sandcrawler creation by watching the video below.

If you want to start building your own massive Sandcrawler but you think that gathering 10,000 Lego bricks will be a chore, you can always go for the official 3,000 plus pieces Sandcrawler set as a starter.


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