Star Wars: Rogue One is NASA’s Next Project – To Find The Planets From the Star Wars Universe

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NASA currently developing a drone traffic control system for managing the small, unmanned aerial vehicles

NASA is about to explore something that no other space exploration organization has dared to do: Find planets similar to those found in Star Wars: Rogue One and others in the franchise. Reports reveal that the idea is not impossible after few similar planets were discovered in the past. Reports reveal that NASA even compared some of the planets to that of Star War?s Tatooine, Scarif and Hoth.

According to the Indian Express, researchers have even said that there are even more weird planets found in the real universe than that of Star Wars: Rogue One ?planets. They said ?Others are eerily like the fictional planets from a galaxy far, far away.? Planet Kepler-16b is highly related to Luke Skywalker?s planet Tatooine. The planet is 200 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus.

Statement from NASA Researchers

Astrophysicist Laurance Doyle of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute said; ?This was the first honest-to-goodness real planetary system where you would see the double sunset as two suns.? Apparently, George Lucas is right on track when it comes to the planets in Star Wars: Rogue One and something tells us, there?s more in the universe than what NASA has already explored. Astrobiologist Nancy Kiang believes Earth science plays a big role in the study of habitable planets in the universe. In her statement, she said ?We need Earth climate science to help us understand planetary habitability and the potential diversity of life on exoplanets.?

According to Phys.Org, while there hasn?t been any indication of planets; with rain and ocean like that of Kamino on Attack of the Clones and Scarif on Rogue One; there are frozen ocean worlds in the solar system and they are found in the moons Europa and Enceladus.

Even before George Lucas made his research and put people in these Star Wars planets; NASA has since discovered them in an unprecedented way. They will continue to do explore these obvious out of this world planets.


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