Star Wars: A ‘Rogue’ Kind of Weekend

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Two things can be discovered from the past weekend for the latest Star Wars movie franchise.

One is from this report which comes from The Guardian. It appears that all the trailers that have appeared for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has in turn ?awakened? something within the movie franchise.? Unverified accounts about Star Wars off-shoot ?Star Wars: Rogue One? has been going around, The Guardian report has stated. It also appears rumors about another Star Wars movie are included in it.

The second rumor that floats around comes from Forbes. Star Wars trailers have been big things since they have been released , as seen when the first teaser trailer was released last year. The talk is still fresh about Han Solo and Chewbacca?s appearance in the latest trailer; but what about Rogue One? There was footage in the Forbes report which showed Star Wars: Rogue One in what was seen as ?the world?s earliest trailer?.

A Collective Information on Star Wars: Rogue One and Episode VIII

It seems that Episode VII is barely even here and already, people are looking forward to the next installment of the film, plus an off-shoot, to boot.

What is the similarity between Looper and Episode VIII? Well, they both have the same director?at least, that remains to be seen. According to The Guardian, in lieu of Abrams, Episode VIII will be having Rian Johnson on board. He also appears to be responsible for both Episode VIII and XI, and so it appears that he is more of an asset to Star Wars than J.J Abrams, currently directing Episode VII, is.

In other news, The Guardian reported the involvement of Gary Edwards?Godzilla?s director?in the Rogue One project. Based on the title itself, the Guardian report deduces the involvement of X-Wing pilots in this film?Rogue Squadron is a famous Rebel cadre that included Luke Skywalker among its levels. Whether Luke will also be in the offshoot remains to be seen.

Star Wars: Rogue One receives a Teaser

It was The Force Awakens who began it all.

In this report from Forbes, Rogue Squadron also got a teaser trailer. Footage of the trailer was available on the report before Disney took it down on copyright grounds. Based on the Forbes report, as far as people can tell, the movie will be centered on a female?Felicity Jones was got the lead, though her exact role is still unknown.

As the report suggests, the film will be taking place between the events of ?Revenge of the Sith? and ?A New Hope?. It might be possible that the film will explore the early days of Rogue Squadron, and how the flight cadre formed within the Rebel Alliance ranks.

Surprises within the Time Frame

It?s exciting to think what films people might receive in the months and even years between Episode VII and the two consecutive films followed. However, it would be nice to see what kind of story Episode VII will be telling before speculations are drawn about the two succeeding films and any other spin-offs that might be in the works.


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