Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Update; See What’s In Store This August

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With Star Wars Rebels Season 3 coming in at a very slow pace, it?s understandable why fans are hungry for every single bit of news that comes out about the series. Previously, it was reported by TheBitBag that Rebels director Dave Filoni may have subtly announced the arrival of Star Wars Rebel Season 3 on a Twitter post that says ?I?m looking forward to see you all at #SWCE 2016! And remember, there?s always a bit of truth in Legends.?

While Filoni did not specifically mention anything pertaining to Rebels, the fact he mentioned ?Legends? was enough for fans to jump on and say that he?s talking about the upcoming arrival of the series.

Unfortunately, not much has been said about the exact date of release for Star Wars Rebels Season 3. In fact, the only notable information we have so far is the apparent battle between Darth Vader and Darth Maul. Nevertheless, it was also reported that the new season will not concentrate on the battle between the two, but rather Darth Maul?s story and origin that eventually lead him to this season. According to Christian Times, the previous season of Star Wars Rebels depicted the death of Darth Maul at the hands of Obi Wan Kenobi. As it turns out, he didn?t and he?s coming back to fight Darth Vader in the new season.

So far, those have been the only notable scenes expected from Star Wars Rebels Season 3. Meanwhile, Bloody Disgusting reported that the Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season 2, with a total of 22 episodes, will be available in stores starting August 30. The said special edition includes special materials on DVD and some never before seen footage on Blu-Ray.

If you?re interested in reliving your Star Wars Rebels season and would want to refresh your memory for season 3, this is the perfect deal for you. This is something that you might also want to closely ?watch to see how Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will unveiled. Do you want to know more updates about this news? Check on for the latest updates.

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