Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Update: First Two Episodes Screening This July?

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If the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 release date has not been as promising as it was before, now is the time for fans to rejoice as Lucasfilm, through the Star Wars Official Website, revealed that the first two episodes will be screened on July 16, 16:00 – 18:00 in London at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration Europe. In the partial release of schedule, it stated ?Star Wars Rebels executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni will be joined by special guests to share highly-guarded sneak peeks at what?s to come in Star Wars Rebels Season Three, including a screening of the first two episodes!?

The quest to patiently wait for the arrival of Star Wars Rebels Season 3 started in November 2015 when Disney announced that they already ordered the third season of Star Wars Rebels. Since then, some spoilers came out about the development of the project.

Fans are excited to see the third season as the story of Darth Maul starts to unfold. In Star Wars Rebels Season 2, Darth Maul was seen fighting Obi Wan – Kenobi, but no details were shown as to whether he was able to survive it. Now, previous Star Wars Rebels spoilers reveal that he?s back and is all set to fight Darth Vader in the process. Despite executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni confirming such occurrence, he also warned fans that Star Wars Rebels 3 will not be about the fight between Darth Maul and Darth Vader, but more about the compelling reason of Darth Maul?s existence.

Filoni during an interview said ?What has Maul been up to? How did Maul get on this desolate planet? And we obviously don?t answer those questions at this time, but it is stuff we?ve considered when we wrote these stories. It never came to be that he would face off with Vader, at least not yet.?

Also, questions about Ahsoka Tano returning to Star Wars Rebels Season 3 remain in question. With the new season?s promising premiere at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration, make sure not to miss the latest updates and schedules. Also, you can check on for updates on the series and some recaps on its first two episodes soon.

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